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Glossy Nectar 160ml



• Polishes, nourishes and restructures the hair
• Leaves hair easy to comb, soft and silky
• Speeds up drying times

Styling result: brightness
Treatment action on the hair: softness
Effect: shiny

Olfactory sensations

Sweet and enveloping hints of vanilla and anise with citrus notes in the background


Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair from mid-lengths to the ends.

• Perfect for giving a finishing touch after drying
• Ideal for long hair and with medium thickness, to give definition and shine
• Suitable for any hair structure

Offer: Free Royal Mail Standard delivery on all orders over £60.
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Styling, definition and finishing products on the market today, contain the highest concentration of chemical substances: petrolatum, parabens, PEG, PPG AND BG, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc. The OW line has, for the first time, replaced these ingredients with waxes and resins of vegetable origin, biodynamic organic extracts, pure essential oils and natural emollients. The result? Nutritious, hydro-regulating, ultra- high performance formulations, which give rise to protected hair and endless, long-lasting styling possibilities.


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