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Find out about the services we offer.


Cutting and Styling

Calming hair wash in our Relax Lounge

  • Women’s Wash, Cut & Blow Dry

    From £60
  • Women’s Wash, Cut & Finish

    From £50
  • Men’s Wash & Cut

  • Children’s Cut

    From £25
  • Wash & Blow Dry

    From £38

Hair Colour

The first nourishing ammonia-free colour with biodynamic and organic oils. Blow dry not included.

  • Tint Regrowth

    From £70
  • Tint Full Head

    From £80
  • Gloss

    From £35
  • Men’s Tint


Nourishing Treatments

OWAY products for extra nourishment on your scalp and hair.

  • Organic Way Scalp and Hair Treatments

    From £35
    Purifying, rebalancing, soothing, hair Loss or rebuilding
  • Infrared Rebuilding Treatment

    From £35


OWAY 100% ammonia-free products. Blow dry and toner not included.

  • T-Section

    From £75
  • Half Head

    From £100
  • Full Head

    From £125


OWAY 100% ammonia- free products. This service includes toner. Blow dry not included.

  • Half Head

    From £145
  • Full Head

    From £170

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Our Relax Lounge

Lie back, relax and have your hair washed in our bespoke Italian-made reclining chairs. For peace of mind, we now have three chairs that helps with spacing.

Feel blissful comfort whilst your hair is treated to OWAY biodynamic and vegan products. Your soft and fragrant hair will be ready for one of our stylists. Unless of course, you are so relaxed, you fall asleep.