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Discover our stories and meet our team.

About us


Our story

bei London was founded in March 2019 by two friends, Danny Bizzotto and Fabio Lago. Although they grew up just 10 miles apart from each other, they ironically met in London, through a mutual friend.

Growing up in the same part of Italy was not the only thing that brought these business partners together … it was also their creative passion for hair.

Their aligned passion for creating beautiful hair styles saw them working in salons in their hometowns for nearly 15 years, growing into experienced hair stylists and colourists and sharing a desire to move to London. As Fabio says, “a hairstylist’s paradise”.

Danny felt a salon could be created to care for clients and the planet.  He made a proposition to Fabio to open their own place, which Fabio couldn’t r resist.

bei London was born.


My story

When he was 16, no one expected that Danny’s summer work experience in a hair salon would plant the seed which would eventually become a career in the industry.

Danny loved everything about that salon: the clients, the service, the smiles on peoples’ faces and, of course, the hair. He loved  it so much that he spent 7 years, eventually managing the salon.

However, he had a desire for more … Danny wanted to move to London, a city he regards as a hairstyle and fashion capital of the world.

With many additional years of diverse experience in London, Danny felt that there must be a better way to produce hair styles and colors. Noticing the practices of many salons, he grew to see the chemicals as unpleasant and damaging and frustrated by the waste from the packaging that hair products produced.

After much searching for the right  supply partners and contacts, Danny made a leap of faith into starting his own salon.  They chose friendly Parsons Green, a leafy London neighbourhood, which feels similar to home for both him and Fabio.

Danny now has complete control over the products used in their own salon, ensuring they are healthy for the client and are kind to the planet.


My story

Hairdressing is part of Fabio’s DNA, with professional hairdressers in his family stretching back as far as three generations. At 18, it didn’t take long for Fabio to see why; he fell in love with watching the creation of great hairstyles.

As he grew up, Fabio spent more time working at his cousin’s salon in Padua, Italy and began to develop a longing to improve his craft.

With support from internationally recognised academies such as Jean Claude Biguine, L’Oreal, Italian Style Framesi and Redken, 7 years of hard work and dedication would eventually bring him to London, a hairstylist’s paradise.

The diversified range of talent, styles and ideas London had to offer captivated Fabio. Working in various salons enabled him to develop a solid, strong client base, with much experience, which Fabio brings to bei London.

From stylish and colourful hairstyles to simple and elegant ones, this is Fabio’s secret for creating looking for his clients.