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botanical repair bond-building styling creme


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Sleek styling meets hair bonding with a multi-benefit styling hair cream that nourishes hair while the silicone-free hair bond builder also protects hair from thermal damage up to 230 degrees, shielding from future breakage and damage caused by styling.

botanical repair™ bond-building 3-layer repair
powered with plant technology

Create new bonds by the thousands, strengthen hair’s cortex, prevent and protect from damage with these plant-derived components:

• Bond-building plant molecule – Build new hydrogen bonds deep in hair’s cortex to strengthen and reinforce hair’s integrity at the core.
Naturally derived styling polymers envelope each strand providing a flexible, medium hold.
Plant-derived molecule build bonds, strengthening and reinforcing hair integrity.
Naturally derived plant complex mimics hairs outermost f-layer protecting and shielding hair from future styling damage.
Nourishing macro green blend instantly nourishes, smooths and seals the cuticle.


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